What is re-marketing?

Basically, re-marketing is a form of advertising which targets consumers who visited your site without resulting in a conversion i.e a purchase or some sort of gain for the business. When that consumer leaves your site (or specific pages),re-marketing presents your ads to them on other websites. This can be a powerful marketing strategy as it targets only consumers who have already shown interest in your company, and repeats the exposure of your company to those consumers. This form of marketing is very targeted and often leaves people feeling worried as to how easy some companies can find them but at the end of the day that is their job and they get lots of success from it , there is an argument as to whether it is borderline cyber stalking or not , personally i just feel it is marketing of the highest quality the consumer should not be too displeased either , after all it is going to be of interest to them as it is based on previous searches.

How does it work?

The first step to re-marketing is getting a consumer to your website. Once they visit your site, the consumer is tagged with a cookie. If they decide to leave your site without making a purchase or completing a lead form, the re-marketing service provider initiates display ads to appear on other sites the consumer visits.

You can alter the ads that appear to consumers when they have visited your site multiple times. Say, for example, re-marketing has already sent a consumer back to your site twice but they leave yet again without a conversion. For the next ad they see via re-marketing, you may want them to be presented with an ad that provides an offer for a discount or free service this may give the consumer incentive to purchase as they already visited the site twice previous and left without a purchase.

The consumer will continue to see your ads on other sites until a return visit to your site results in a conversion, or until you choose to expire the cookie after a designated period of time. Depending on the re-marketing provider, marketers can even launch multiple re-marketing campaigns targeting more specifically defined customers using custom creative and offers. Re-marketing allows advertisers to intelligently continue the marketing conversation with consumers, from the first visit through to conversion and is a very important online marketing tool that can used very effectively for marketers online.

Below is a short video explaining what Google re-marketing is.


Snapchat , Just a Fad ?

Firstly for people who do not know what the phenomenon Snapchat is , it is an app that lets users send photos and videos that last only for moments,Some people think snapchat will eventually fade away, personally i taught this would have happened well before now which makes me think it wont fade away ,a few reasons why i think its not just a fad would be the famous saying a picture tells a thousand words instead of sms & messaging apps users are interacting with snapchat because it paints a clearer picture. What i struggle to come to terms with is how simple the idea was but yet how effective it is and the revenue it is pulling in.

The widely popular erasable photo messaging app is finding that it’s on a path similar to major social networks, including Instagram and YouTube, both of which sold for billions of dollars. Snapchat now has more funding and a higher valuation than Instagram and YouTube when they were at Snapchat’s stage in their startup lifespan.So ,do you still think its just a fad ?? If it follows Instagram and YouTube’s path, the only next step for Snapchat would be to sell the company to the highest bidder.

Snapchat certainly has a huge following, maintaining an audience of more than 100 million users along with more than 350 million snaps sent per day, I would like to know if these figures have influenced the amount of sms being sent per day but thats anothers days work i guess.

Snapchat if used correctly can be a very effective marketing tool, it has already proved its worth to many businesses including audi & taco bell and now mcdonalds !!
just recently McDonald’s set up a very clever snapchat campaign.
McDonalds done some research on college students & Snapchat ,Key findings were that 73 percent of college students would open a Snapchat message from a brand they knew? And 45 percent would open a “Snap” from a brand they didn’t know? Taking this on board Mcdonalds came up with this amazingly creative campaign , below is a picture of the campaign they done.

mcdonalds & snapchat

Personally i feel snapchat is not just a fad and will be with us for years as it has changed everyday life and also is being brought into the business world . Long may it last !

Why should a business blog ?


There are many reasons why businesses should blog and the positives quite frankly outweigh the negatives so why not ?? It provides a way to engage to your site and brings more traffic to your website. Blogs offer fresh new information about your business and keeps readers updated to add to this Google rewards your frequent blogging by giving that content higher placement when users search for related topics. below are 6 reasons why a company should have a blog:

1) low-cost: long-term venue to continuously bring your brand to life with a very low cost, It builds credibility and creates a readership cult.

2) Informative: anyone seeking information about you or an issue relating to your brand. When someone searches for something related to your brand, you want them to receive that information directly from you rather than a third-party who could potentially be “out to get you” . If you don’t have a blog,these third parties can really do your business damage.

3) Fast growing brand: Along with social media, blogs are one the fastest growing brands in our generation and they continue to be categorized as the lowest cost lead-generation channel.

4) Invitation: You can invite clients to write guest articles. People like “PR” to show off their expertise.

5) Feedback: This will give you valuable market intelligence and endorsement of your ideas.

6) Visitor subscription: Visitors can subscribe to your blog. This can lead to a built-in audience for your articles, newsletters and surveys on important topics.

Below is a short video on the benefits of business blogging



Considering 80 % of social networkers use Facebook I think it is relatively safe to say it is becoming a phenomenon in peoples lives and is having a huge influence for companies reaching their audiences more efficiently. What are the musts in setting up your professional page ? how companies can make any fundamental mistakes is beyond me, the difference in having that top quality page is the difference in 100’s or even 1000’s of likes which invariably will lead to WOM (word of mouth) plus many other forms of positives for the business. Here are 5 key tips I would suggest to getting that page your company desperately needs.
1.Customize your page URL
2.Make sure your page layout fits, i.e. Pictures , Personal Information and an appropriate Profile picture.
3.Try make it trendy & cool get creative with your Facebook profile
4.Make sure your page is a like page not a friend request page
5.Try use humour, perfect the business & humour link

We are know living in a time where people wake up and check there Facebook notoriously , If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world , I feel we are being cultivated into Facebook as a race which is playing into the hands of the intelligent business man or woman if you are that business man or woman get inventive and creative and keep your foot on the pedal because it will work once you meet your criteria .

I will finish with a thought … are you logging onto your Facebook and controlling it or is someone else ?